Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Bennett

I know, I know...It has been forever since I have updated!

My free time seems to have flown out of the window! But, we are doing wonderfully and loving every minute! Since I haven't updated since...hummmm, April!?!? I am going to do my best to update everyone on the happenings since then.

What is Bennett up to??

- rolling both ways
-sitting up for brief periods of time
-playing no stop with his adorable little feet
-putting everything in his mouth
-eating cereal (which he loves!)
-slobbering non stop
-making high pitch squealing noise
-loves splashing in the water
-being naked
-sleeping 6-7 hours straight regularly (I'll take it!)
-Sleeps from 8 or 9 to about 8 in the morning
-dancing in front of the mirror (naked is a plus for him)
-trying to coordinate is going to be a bit longer for this :)
I am so dreading going back to work and leaving this little boy! It is amazing to watch the new things he does everyday. Tune in on Sundays to facebook for the Bennett minute to see what he is up to!

White Lake
The week after the fouth we head to White Lake for a bit of vacation. For those of you who have never been there it is truly like stepping back into the 60's. Time just slows down... We parked the car and didn't move it until we were ready to leave! Our week was filled with sun soaked, raft floating days and corn hole/putt putt/arcade/ice cream nights! It was soo nice to just relax with family!

A few shots from the week...

I promise I will try to do better keeping everyone updated on our adventures!!