Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting ready to welcome Bennett!

So with Bennett's arrival in just a few short days, I think we are ready! Here are just a few shots of the nursery and baby items that have found a spot in our home over the past few weeks! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that have taken care of all of Bennett's needs and my wants.

I am so in love with his "not so baby boy" nursery~ The goal was to do something that can grow with him for a few years....I feel like we achieved it. Thanks to June for her help and talent with the painting and Scott for his handy work putting the molding up and all the furniture together.

The hutch looks a bit funny for now because the shelves are up so far so that I can get to the little man to change him. I anticipate that it will be full of books before too long.

He shall not be naked... Now let's just hope he doesn't come out too big to wear the adorable newborn things!

The child has as many shoes as I do!

The swing...buddy, this thing really moves. According to my mother I hated my swing as an infant, so let's hope he likes it better than I did.

The pack and play with newborn sleeper and changing table. This is in our room and will be where he spends his first few weeks at home!

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